Wireless Doorbell By Tenswall Waterproof Door Bell Kit- 1000 Feet Operating, 52 Chimes, 4 Level Volume, LED Indicator, 1 Remote Button & 1 (No Battery) Plug-In AC Receiver (White)- Easy Installation


1.PREMIUM WIRELESS DOORBELL: If your house needs a new doorbell, this is the best choice. Tenswall wireless doorbell ranges up to 1000feet (300 M), ensuring that you will never miss a visitor again! And the best part? The volume is adjustable and you can choose among 4 levels from25db-110db while there are 52 different chime choices! Forget annoying doorbell sounds, now you can have your favorite chime in the volume that you prefer!

2.HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: This doorbell kit includes all the tools you need to install your new doorbell in less than 10 minutes! Just plug in the receiver in any electrical outlet (AC), and mount the push button base on the wall or just attach it with double-sided adhesive tape! For your convenience, the push button is attached to the fixed base, so you can change the 3V CR2032 battery that the push button transmitter is powered by, without disassembling the whole system!

3.SMART LED FLASHING LIGHT: Every time someone pushes the transmitter button, both the transmitter and the wireless receiver will flash a blue light in a circle area. This way, your visitors can know if the bell rang, while you can be notified by the blue light in your indoor receiver even when you are wearing your headphones or even earplugs!

4.UNPARALLELED QUALITY: The transmitter of this amazing kit is made from the most qualitative and waterproof materials, ensuring that your new doorbell will stay in your doorframe for years. Note also that the powerful battery of the transmitter will last for a great amount of time while the AC receiver will provide you with stable signal and vivid chime playing, making sure that no doorbell will be missed again.

5.GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing doorbell kit, Tenswall offers you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee and on top of that 1-year warranty! With nothing to worry about, try it today!


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Size: 1 Transmitter & 1 Receiver

Finally: A Doorbell Kit That Will Offer You Peace Of Mind- No Visitors Will Ever Be Missed Again!

Do you want to replace you outdated dysfunctional doorbell, without spending a fortune on technicians? Now you can!

Meet The Tenswall Doorbell Kit & Save Yourself Money & Frustration!

This doorbell kit supports an industry-leading wireless working range of up to 1000 feet/300M.

This means that no matter whether you are working on your computer or you are taking a shower you will be promptly notified by the chimes and flashing blue light when someone is at your door.

You Choose How You Want Your Doorbell To Be!

Unlike most doorbells that have just one boring dull chime, the Tenswall doorbell offers you a total of 52 amazing chime tones, from the traditional “Ding Dong” to various well-known melodies, that you and your kids will definitely love!

Note that you can also choose among 4 different volume levels the one that you best prefer!

Installation Easy As Pie- No Special Skills Required!
Just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet in your home.
Fix the push button base to the doorframe with the screws and expansion bolts provided or just attached it to the wall with double-sided adhesive. (The detachable design makes the push button easy to take off when changing battery)
Install the push button on the base, and you are ready!

This Package Includes:
1 * Push Button (Transmitter)
1 * AC Chime (Receiver)
1 * Screw Tool & Expansion Bolts
1 * Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
1 * 3V CR2032 Battery
1 * Manual

Still Struggling To Hear Your Regular Doorbell? Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed- Order Today!


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